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TVee NOW’s Stream With Purpose™️ team consists of acclaimed professionals in entertainment, media, programming, advertising, and marketing, alongside well-known celebrities that share a fervent dedication to supporting non-profits and philanthropic endeavors. We stand as a formidable force, combining varied backgrounds, exceptional skills, and unyielding enthusiasm. Committed to nurturing innovation and propelling growth within our company, our leadership squad unites diverse expertise and unwavering commitment to a common goal to help non-profit organizations with innovative ways to raise funds.

Grant Cramer

Chief Executive Officer
Award-Winning Producer, Actor & Director

Frank Hagan

Award-Winning Television Producer & Content Acquisition

David McKillop

Chief Content Officer
Emmy-Award Winning Programmer

Kayla Slick

Chief Operations Officer

Michael Williams

Vice President
Live Entertainment Streaming & Music Library Manager

Reese Williams

Vice President
Charitable Streaming Partnerships

Brian Lemke

Vice President
Non-Profit Business Development

Sean Clayton

Vice President
Digital Marketing & Advertising

Chris Ramirez

Vice President
Original Content & Production

Sheldon Olding

Vice President
IT & Creative Services

Connie Clark

Vice President
Non-Profit Client Success

Marissa Shelburn

Client Success Manager
Non-Profits & Administration

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