Advisor | Business Development

Brian Lemke

With an extensive background in business development, management, and acquisitions, Brian Lemke delivers a unique perspective when it comes to growing a business from the ground up. His wealth of knowledge is only matched by his personal drive to succeed. The passion Brian brings to each venture is what sets his work apart as truly original, and what makes him an incredible asset for the teams he works alongside.

From building businesses out of nothing to restructuring companies from the ground up, Brian’s expertise has been developed by more than 20 years of real-world experience in various fields. He began his career as a national recruiter for C-suite-level executives. This allowed him to master his ability to connect with people from a wide range of industries, which is why he is such a well-respected leader today. He understands how to communicate the needs of the group, while consistently bringing visionary ideas to the table. His impressive negotiation skills are another valuable resource for his work in any arena.

Following his time as a recruiter, Brian evolved into a business development and re-organization role. With an emphasis on sales structures and acquisitions, he has successfully funded, established, and sold several companies to be publicly traded. Having this specialized background allows Brian to see multiple solutions and a clear vision of what the future could entail for the organizations he serves. Having served on the Executive Board of the Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce and the Kostopulos Dream Foundation, Brian also showcases his desire to give back to his community and those who need a helping hand.

Whether he’s putting together an exceptional team, constructing the framework of a successful business, or handling the sensitive matter of mergers and acquisitions, Brian is a force of ambition on creativity. He believes in seeing each project through until it is done correctly and with an ethical approach. Brian is not someone who gives up easily and is a key member of any group looking to expand and flourish for years to come. He’s a go-getter who isn’t afraid to dive headfirst into an exciting new adventure.

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