VP, Client Success

Connie Clark

Connie Clark’s career in the entertainment industry began 20 years ago and is now a trusted consultant for operations in the live entertainment and hospitality industries. In 2003, Connie joined LasVegasShows.com where she negotiated contracts for shows, tours, and room packages for venues located in Nevada, Hawaii, and Florida. Her role quickly expanded into the designing and implementation of promotional strategies which were features on popular travel sites such as Tripres.com and Vegasview.com. Connie acted as the liaison between product and operations teams, while managing direct reports from concierge, sales, and data teams. 

In 2009, Connie joined Legends in Concert and spearheaded successful branding initiatives to align with sales strategies to enhance marketing campaigns. She effectively recruited, hired, trained, and lead various sales teams to meet sales quotas. Connie collaborated with Caesars Entertainment advertising, marketing, sales, social media, and box office. She also managed and maintained all broker, concierge, timeshares, and affiliate relations. During her time with Legends in Concert she increased revenue by 30% in 2010, a continued the same growth path for years to come.

Connie joined Expedia in 2015. She was responsible for business development and client relations. Connie negotiated and secured market deals promotions value ads exclusive rates and more she was also responsible for evaluating market trends in competitors and providing analysis and recommendations to upper management. She acted as the liaison between suppliers and online booking platforms enabling suppliers to manage their Expedia inventory through their custom ticketing systems. At Expedia, Connie maintain over 200 individual accounts and over 1000 activities in Nevada and Arizona, including MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment.

In 2018, Connie was named the senior event coordinator at the Downtown Las Vegas Events Center. She managed all  administrative logistics of event planning and collaboration with creative artists such as award-winning directors and celebrity, which has aided her natural talent to expand entertainment for continued success. 

In 2020, Connie expanded her consultancy in organizational management into healthcare services. She designed and implemented a strategic programs to proactively monitor, manage, and report the approval and workflow of applications and various licensing and permits for 100+ COVID-19 testing clinics nationwide, which generated over $200M in sales in just 18 months.

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