Vice President, Digital Marketing & Advertising

Sean Clayton

Sean Clayton is a celebrated figure in the realms of venture growth, digital marketing, and holistic well-being. Leading with love and compassion for the benefit of all, Sean infuses his business dealings with a unique brand of magic that sets him apart.

He founded Myosin and Myosin XYZ, a consultancy focused on amplifying rapid growth strategies for underrepresented founders and impact-driven startups. Sean also has left an indelible mark in the technology sector as the Chief Strategy Officer of Launch Control, a company touted to be the next tech unicorn. His transformative leadership redefined the company’s culture, emphasizing holistic employee interactions with the world.

Taking civic responsibility to heart, Sean is associated with Civics Unplugged, serving on its board, and is a partner in ventures like Gotham Labs and Myosin Regen, the latter with the mission of democratizing regenerative medicine.

Sean’s influence transcends the boardroom. He created Science of Abundance, a transformative program emphasizing the healing powers of abundance. This initiative encapsulates Sean’s journey towards holistic well-being and emotional freedom, offering a rich array of courses, masterclasses, and events to reshape one’s perception of life.

In the corporate space, Sean integrates Science of Abundance principles into Myosin and Myosin XYZ. This is seen in innovative practices like breathwork sessions and energetically-infused campaigns. Previously, at WPP as the Chief Solution Officer, Sean was instrumental in building lasting infrastructures and pioneering strategic innovations.

Sean’s mastery in marketing hinges on data-driven methodologies and a deep understanding of human psychology. At SITO Mobile, he introduced a data-first consultancy approach and successfully launched the Entertainment Division, partnering with industry heavyweights like Lionsgate, Sony, and Fox.

Before his stint at SITO, Sean played pivotal roles at New Base, Splash Media, and Multiview, where he drove a combined revenue stream of $200 million. With a foundation rooted in grassroots experiences, Sean adeptly combines agility with groundbreaking marketing strategies, spanning planning, e-commerce, and creative direction. Recognized for his visionary insights, Sean is a sought-after speaker and has been featured in industry bigwigs like TechCrunch, Martech Series, and Apparel Magazine.

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