Chief Revenue Officer

Jason Rhude

Jason Rhude is a highly accomplished and dynamic Chief Revenue executive in the media and entertainment industry. With an extensive background in sales leadership, marketing, and entrepreneurship, he and his teams have consistently driven revenue growth and achieved remarkable success throughout his career.

Jason’s expertise in executive level sales and marketing is evident through his ability to turn around challenged markets and deliver exceptional results. He has played a pivotal role in revitalizing struggling markets for companies like ReachLocal and has provided strategic oversight as the Senior Regional Sales Director for LivingSocial’s flagship market.

In addition to his sales accomplishments, Jason has also made significant contributions as a veteran management consultant. He has worked with startups such as and many more, shaping the experiences and services that millions of global mainstream consumers engage with. His deep understanding of market dynamics and consumer behavior has allowed him to influence how people shop and interact with various industries.

As an authority in the media landscape, Jason possesses rare knowledge and a vast network acquired through years of immersion in the industry. His insights and guidance are sought after by executives transitioning into this dynamic field, as he navigates its challenges with expertise and offers valuable advice for success.

Jason’s leadership experience extends beyond sales and marketing roles. He currently serves on the advisory boards of notable companies like Red Curtain Addict and The Sun Company, where he provides strategic guidance and draws upon his c-suite and management consulting background to shape their direction.

Jason’s commitment to thought leadership is evident through his global speaking engagements. He has delivered influential talks at prestigious events, including TEDx and the Advertising Week Global Series, where he captivates audiences with his innovative ideas and industry knowledge.

With his diverse background and entrepreneurial mindset, Jason brings extensive sales, marketing, and leadership experience to the media and entertainment space. He consistently drives growth, shapes consumer behavior, and helps organizations thrive in an ever-evolving industry.

In summary, Jason Rhude is a highly accomplished executive known for his exceptional sales acumen, marketing expertise, and entrepreneurial drive. His ability to transform challenging markets, shape consumer experiences, and provide valuable guidance has positioned him as a sought-after leader and influential figure in the media and entertainment industry.

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